Help and Support

Getting Started

Customers can place an order through the NeX Mobile website;

Simply click on 'Shop' and select a plan to purchase.

You can acquire 3 SIM Cards per person and 5 SIM Cards per household.

To avoid the misuse of the service. For more information please see our Acceptable Usage Policy.

In the case of a change, renewal or upgrade to your price plan, the minimum period of 12 months begins when the price plan is changed.

Yes, prices are changed based on the annual CPI (Consumer price index) which are published in January of each year and will take effect in March of each year.  This price increase will affect your monthly recurring price plan.

Yes, we’ll give you at least 14 days notice via Email if there are any changes to your NeX Mobile Account.

 All of the plans offered free or under unlimited subscription are subject to our fair use policy. If, in the reasonable opinion of Nex Mobile, your use is excessive, we may ask you to moderate your usage. If after we have informed you to moderate your usage, you fail to do so, we reserve the right to charge you for the excessive element of your usage at your price plan's standard rate or to suspend or terminate your service in accordance with your sim contract.

No. Nex Mobile will be providing the customer services. You can contact us on

Customers will receive their sim card with a welcome letter including the instructions on how to activate their NeX Mobile Sim card.

Every customer should get the welcome email upon activation, if any customer did not receive the welcome email, please contact us at

NeX Mobile does offer their services to both business and retail customers.

No. Customer(s) must be 18 years old to be an account holder with NeX Mobile.

Orders can be rejected due to incorrect information being provided (i.e. invalid email, missing direct debit details or poor payment history with NeX Mobile)

Customers can contact us at or ‘Chat’ to request for a replacement sim to be sent out.

The delivery address can be changed before the sim has been shipped.

If the SIM card has been dispatched, then you can contact the NeX Mobile Customer Service Team for further assistance at

NeX Mobile has an all-in-one sim card (standard/micro/nano).

A PAC code is a ‘Porting Authorisation Code’ - a unique 9-digit code in the format identifier “ABC123456” to move your number from one network to another mobile network. PAC codes are valid for 30 calendar days from the date of request.

Number porting is the process that allows you to keep your old number after transferring your number to NeX Mobile.

The normal porting time is 24 hours from Monday to Friday. If porting is requested on Thursdays after 4:30 PM then porting may be completed only by Monday afternoon.

Yes, in this case we will inform you (via email) about the reason why your number cannot be transferred and will advise you on the steps to take to the complete the process.

NeX Mobile SIM offers, and deals can be found on our website.

No, this option is not available.

Our Mobile plans have a 12-month binding period. However, customers can upgrade their plan at any time. Please be aware that any upgrade will restart the 12-month contractual period.

Be sure to have a UMTS (3G) device since the NeX Mobile SIM card does not work on some old models that only support 2G networks.

This option is not available yet.

You can contact the Nex Mobile team via sending an email

NeX Mobile is powered by either Vodafone or O2 depending on the plan the customer purchases.

Billing and Usage 

NeX Mobile customers can view their bills by logging into their NeX Mobile customer area. They will also receive their bill via email on monthly basis. Customers can also request a copy of their bill via chat or an email.

Paper bills can be sent to you upon a request via chat or emailing us at

Bills can be paid through direct debit as per contract terms.

You can check your usage by logging into your NeX Mobile account or contacting customer services via chat or emailing us at

Once you have reached the bill limit, the service will stop working, so normally you will not go over the price plan, unless you have purchased additional out of bundle services.

You will be subject to penalty charges of £10 for a one-time delay.

Extra charges may occur only when a customer has out of bundle usage such as calling 0871/0845 and other premium numbers or Premium SMS which is outside the FREE landline calls and local SMS included within your plan. All the Nex Mobile plans have a default bill limit of £20 outside of the standard monthly recurring charge. With prior approval this limit can be changed to £5 or £30. An increase in bill limit can require a deposit. The limit can be crossed if you are on a continuous out of bundle call. The customer is not charged any further, as upon reaching bill limit, all outbound services shall stop working apart from incoming calls.

All minutes/texts/data for the current month will be expire by the end of month. The only exception to this, are any additional out of bundle purchases.

The Cancellation Fee will be charged when you cancel your subscription before the end of your contract or minimum term. The amount payable depends on the time left to run until the end of your contract: you will be billed the monthly charge for your chosen plan for each remaining month.

For example, if you cancel your subscription on 15th August 2020 and your contract ends on 5th October 2020, the Cancellation Fee will be your monthly recurring charge x 2. This is because you will have already paid for August in advance in your previous bill, but you will still have to pay for September and October (the last month’s monthly charges is not pro-rated, so regardless of the date your contract ends, you pay for the last month in full).

You can cancel your services with a written notice sent to our customer services on within 14 days from activation. This notice must come from
your registered email address. Any usage within 14 days will be chargeable.

If there is a technical fault of our network that means you can’t use all our services for 3 days in a row, we’ll credit you for the line rental charge for the period the service was not available.

We will not be legally responsible to you for any loss or damage that is not directly caused by us or which we could not reasonably expect at the time we entered into this agreement with you.

When you placed your order for a NeX Mobile SIM, you have paid one monthly fee in advance. This monthly fee is credited in your first recurring bill.

You will also have a pro-rated charge for your first month, from the date you activate your SIM. Your first month calls, texts, and data allowance (where applicable) are pro-rated in the same way.

This means you receive and pay for a proportion of the full monthly allowance. For example, if you order a NeX Mobile SIM on the 1st of the month, but do not activate it until the 15th, you will receive and only pay for half the full monthly call, text, and data allowance (where applicable) in your first month. Any additional use will be out-of-bundle and charged accordingly. You can always check how much allowance you have on your NeX Mobile Account.

Your NeX Mobile bill includes your details with registered address, Monthly Plans charges and Excess Usage on out of bundle services.

If a customer fails to pay their bill or there is a failed direct debit, in that case all customer services will be suspended. Customers will receive an email/SMS with a payment link to make a payment within 24 hours and if the customer fails to pay within this timeframe, Nex Mobile will attempt a second direct debit which will include a £10 admin charge for each reattempt. After the third failed attempt, the account will be terminated with a final bill being issued including any early termination charges. Once the account is terminated, if customer is willing to reconnect, reconnecting charges will apply.  

Normal calls start with 02, 03 and 01 series. Whereas, Premium numbers and Non-Geo numbers, Radio Paging etc have the following prefixes 09, 070, 088, 0870,076, these are numbers which do not form part of the normal services with any Mobile Networks.

Premium numbers normally start with '09..' or Mobile numbers with '070' and Radio Paging.

The following are the typical series.


Call Forwarding Services (i.e. 07744/07755) Non-Geo Access Charge (084 & 087)* Premium Call Access Charge (09)*

Directory Enquiries Access Charge (118)* Radio Paging Services (i.e. 076)

Personal Numbering Services (i.e. 070)

Call Forwarding Services (i.e. 07744/07755)

*Other than the Access Charge, which is limited to the bill limit, there is also a provider’s Service Charge which is variable, dependent on the service and can go above the bill limit.

Invoices are normally issued and due on the first of every month.

Yes. Please contact us at and we can advise you on the most suitable limit for your needs. Reminders will be sent to you before reaching your limit, and your service will be blocked upon exceeding this out of bundle limit. You can purchase add-ons before the out of bundle limit expires.

Roaming and International

International roaming is using cellular services outside UK.

300 free minutes can only be used via Nex Mobile App. You can not makes these calls directly from your phone.

(This promotion is only available for your first 6 months of the contract)

Yes. However, some overseas networks are limited in quality and coverage.

Yes, you can use their voicemail abroad.

You need to email the request to activate your International Roaming to

International roaming is free in some countries for selected plans, for the remaining countries there will be charges as per your NeX Mobile plan and provided rates that you can request at

Roaming Rates

Alerts will be generated automatically, so it is not compulsory for you to set an out of bundle limit, however, if you want to set a limit, it can be set by contacting NeX Mobile Customer Support on chat or at 5 working days in advance.

Yes, here are some important contact details for you when you are abroad:

  • Local emergency services: 112 in Europe, 999 in UK, 911 in USA and Canada.

Managing and using my account

Below settings required:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to “Network & internet” - “Data usage” - “Data warning and limit”
  3. Press “App data usage cycle.” This will let you set the day that your account starts its monthly

Back up and toggle “Set data warning” on.

Below settings required:

  1. Open Settings

- Screen Time (or Settings > General > Restrictions for older iOS 11 and below)

  1. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions (iOS 12+) Screen Time tracks your device
  2. Enter your screen time
  3. Scroll down and locate Cellular Data
  4. Tap Don't Allow

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from a Mobile phone over a cellular network. Users and providers may refer to such a message as a PXT, a picture message, or a multimedia message.

Most current handsets have these features are built-in, therefore the customer does not need to do anything. However, older handsets may require activation within the MMS settings.


Voicemail Call 901 is your answerphone. It answers any calls you miss and lets you know when you have new messages. It's available to all O2 customers by calling 901 and it's ready to go on all new O2 phones. If ever it's switched off, you can turn it on by calling 1750 free from your Mobile.


Voicemail Call 121 from your Vodafone Mobile, This call is free.

When you're abroad, just call 121 from your Vodafone Mobile or +44 7836 121. You'll need to enter your security PIN first, then you can use your voicemail as normal.

Your voicemail can be turned off by requesting over email to Nex Mobile or via chat.

There are no charges for voicemail if you have free mins in your plan.

Signal strength can vary depending on weather conditions, your distance from a mast and the location of the building you are in.


If you are having signal problems, these tips might help you:

  • Try sitting near a window.
  • Try using your phone in a different room as some rooms get a stronger signal than others, depending on the thickness of the walls.
  • Try switching your phone off and back on again.
  • Make sure you have enough battery life as this can affect signal strength.

If the problem persists, please contact us on chat or as trouble shooting may be required.

  1. Double check your SIM card with at least two different 3G devices; try it in different locations to make sure that the issue is not due to poor signal at your current location.
  2. Verify if there is no outstanding balance on your account to make sure your line is not suspended due to missing payment. Once the balance is clear, service should be restored within 24 hours.

If you recently made a payment and the service was not reconnected, please reboot the device by removing the SIM card for 10 minutes.

  1. If your data is not working, check your subscription allowance on your NeX Mobile account. When you go over your allowance of data, minutes or texts included in your price plan, you will be charged out-of-bundle rates (you can find the current rates in our Price Guide) and any further usage may be limited to prevent unexpected high bills.

If your service is suspended, you will still be able to receive national calls and texts, but all other services including data and roaming will be blocked.

You can make a quick and easy payment on your NeX Mobile Account as soon as you receive the first notification to avoid suspension increase the usage limit to settle the current usage.

If you recently made a payment and the service was not reconnected, please reboot the device by removing the SIM card for a few seconds.

  1. If after these tests your service keeps failing, please contact our Customer Service via chat or email us at ‘’.

The NeX Mobile App is a Mobile app that runs on IOS and Android phones via the internet from which NeX Mobile customers can make free and paid calls. The Mobile App allows User to Top UP credit for international calls which is priced at a cheaper rate compared to SIM based calls.

The App can only be used while in the UK and the caller ID must be in operation.

Once a Customer purchases a NeX Mobile SIM, they can then download the Nex Mobile App from the AppStore or Google Play. The number will be recognised by the App as a NeX Mobile user and will be allocated the relevant free minutes by default.

Customers can login into their NeX Mobile Account using valid sign in credentials via the Nex Mobile website or the App.

Your password can be retrieved through the website from the ‘forgot password’ option.

Your email address is used as username and cannot be changed. If you no longer have access to this email, it´s important that you contact us via chat or email to provide us with a correct email address for all NeX Mobile correspondence.

Tethering is a way to connect your phone to other portable devices so they can access the internet using data from your data allowance. All our data bundles allow tethering.

Many recent smartphones include an option to enable tethering. This option is usually referred to as a personal hotspot or portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Parental control is activated by default and can be unblocked upon request from the customer via e-mail to upon date of birth confirmation.

Yes, if you are a NeX Mobile Service customer, you have certain usage obligations. In general, these obligations require your use of our services to be for private, personal, and legitimate consumer purposes. Please note this service can only be used for Mobile devices.

You can find full details of our Acceptable Use Policy in the Terms and Conditions

Your feedback is very important to us. We recognise our responsibilities to ensure that all our clients are treated fairly. If you are dissatisfied with the care you have received or have related concerns, please email ‘’

Customers can cancel their NeX Mobile order by emailing us at

We are sorry that you want to leave NeX Mobile. If you are dissatisfied with your supplements or recurring monthly fees, find out about our latest offer.

If you still wish to leave, you need to request a PAC code if you want to transfer your existing mobile number to another provider.

To request your PAC, text "PAC" to 65075.

*Please note that additional fees may apply if you are still within the initial term of your contract. If you switch before the end of your minimum term, you will be liable for a Cancellation Fee.

If you are not sure whether you are still in the contract period and need to pay an early termination fee, contact our Customer Service at for more information.

Add-ons are extra Data or minutes purchased in addition to your NeX Mobile Plan. This request must come through before your out of bundle limit expires. If you exceed your allowance included in your price plan, we may suspend your service to protect you from further charges.

Hi5 Promotion

Refer 5 Customers in addition to yours and your service can be free.

*Terms will apply*

To be eligible for the Hi5 promotion you must:

-Refer 5 New customers to NeX Mobile.

-They must use your NeX Mobile number as a reference code in the format +447123456789.

-The reference number can be inserted only once and cannot be amended.

-The customers you refer must have an active NeX Mobile SIM.

-You and all referred customers must be up to date with the payments without any delays.

You can refer a customer through the NeX Mobile website.

Please ensure that the customer provides your NeX Mobile contact number in the following format [+44712345678] when taking out their new NeX Mobile contract.

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and holds a UK bank account to pay the direct debit instalments towards their NeX Mobile bill.

You must refer a minimum of 5 people to get the average of their packages credited to your account.

There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer to NeX Mobile.

Your reference code is your NeX Mobile phone number.

The average amount of your referees’ plans will be credited to your account (VAT will always needs to be paid)

The Hi5 promotion does not exempt any customer from paying VAT, therefore regardless of the discount the customer will still be charged the VAT for any plan.

You need a minimum of 5 active referees to be entitled to the Hi5 promotion, if one of the 5 referees has missed a payment or has cancelled; you will no longer be entitled to the Hi5 promotion.

Anyone can be referred as long as they meet the requirements to be a NeX Mobile customer.

A NeX Mobile Customer can only be referred once.

A new NeX Mobile customer can only be referred with one number and this can CANNOT be changed once processed.

The credit will apply on the following months bill, this is if you have qualified for the Hi5 Promotion.

All 5 customers must be active to qualify for the Hi5 Promotion.

No, credits are not rolled over. All customers must make successful payments on the 1st Direct Debit attempt.

No, you will see the credits applied on your Invoices/ Bills

The length of the promotion is at NeX Mobile’s discretion.